Shannon Ell
General Manager
530-934-5588 Ext. 103
or 530-624-9073

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor
530-934-5588 Ext. 102
or 530-624-8482

Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson
Food Service/Tire Service/Merchandise
530-934-5588 Ext. 112
or 530-519-2201

Ray Mudd

Ray Mudd 
Events Manager/Grounds
530-934-5588 Ext. 105
or 530-624-8483

Schuyler Van Buskirk
Events Manager
530-934-5588 Ext. 107
or 530-624-8486

Bob Maybell

Bob Maybell
Facilities Manager
530-934-5588 Ext. 113
or 530-624-9072

Sean Crandall

Sean Crandall

2017 SFR Properties Board Of Directors

David Vodden, Gary Pitts, Steve Archer, Mike Smith, R.J. Gordy, Clint DeWitt,

Brian Ghidinelli, Gary Meeker, Stuart Seitz, Richard Siri, Jon Norman and Tom McCarthy (chairman emeritus)

To reach these board members please contact Thunderhill at 530-934-5588 Ext 101.