NASA 16th Annual 25 Hours Of Thunderhill Auto Endurance Race


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EVENT DATE:  December 1st and 2nd

TIMES:             Saturday starts at 11AM. Race ends at 12 noon on Sunday – non-stop

LOCATION:     Thunderhill Raceway Park – 5250 Hwy 162 – Willows Ca. 95988

ADMISSION:   $20 included admission for two test days plus the race on Saturday and Sunday

MEDIA CONTACT:   David Vodden – 530-934-5588 Ext 101 / / 330-2186



Willows, Ca … November 21, 2018 … The biggest news in motorsports for the month of December is the 16th running of America’s longest endurance auto race, “NASA’s 25 hours of Thunderhill,” set for Saturday, December 1st and Sunday the 2nd at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California.  Close to sixty race teams representing over 250 drivers from all over the world will converge on the 530-acre race complex in Willows hoping to qualify for and win the overall prize in the north-valley’s most prestigious sporting event. Race teams, generally made up of at least four drivers, will take the green flag on Saturday at 11AM and then proceed through driver, tire and brake-pad changes, trying to complete the most laps on the three-mile, fifteen-turn road course before the checkered flag falls Sunday at noon.

Last year’s winning team fielded by professional driver Darren Law, will add an all-female team to their roster hoping to make motorsports history in the process. Led by Danish driver Christina Nielson, the Audi R-8 will also have Americans drivers Erin Vogel, Ashton Harrison, Aurora Straus and Laura Ely behind the wheel. Two more all-female teams are also entered in the big race including: Team Sick-Sideways with drivers Sarah Montgomery, Ashley Freiberg, Shea Holbrook and Indianapolis 500-starter, Pippa Mann.  Amazingly a third all-female race team is prepared to take on the country’s most grueling auto endurance race in the form of team - “Shift-Up Now”. Driving on this team are Lynn Kehoe, Kristina Esposito, Mandy McGee and celebrity-driver Karen Salvaggio.

“This is the first time in American auto racing that three all-female teams totaling thirteen different drivers have taken on the most grueling form of auto racing, endurance racing around the clock for 25 hours, non-stop at Thunderhill.

“We are pleased to be making history and to have the possibility that one or more of these all-female race teams will re-write the record books by winning over all or first in class in this twenty-five-hour race,” noted Thunderhill Park CEO, and frequent 25 Hour race entrant, David Vodden. “So much fuss was made over Danica Patrick and her endeavors in Indy car and NASCAR stock car racing that I can’t help but wonder what sports writers and historians will say if these ladies put it to their testosterone crazed male counterparts after over six hundred laps around the three-mile road course here in Willows,” Vodden went on. “There are a great many very famous road racers in this year’s field willing to do whatever it takes to win.” On track, no one knows who is in what car as they all careen around the corners in the dark of night at 3am using only their vehicles headlights to avoid each other and sure havoc. This race is a hoot!

The 25 Hours of Thunderhill offers four days of up close and personal access to the cars, teams and drivers starting on Thursday and continuing all day Friday with event qualifying for all cars at one time set for 5pm to 6pm on Friday night. America’s most difficult and least understood 25-hour endurance auto race begins with staging at 10AM Saturday followed by the waiving of the green flag for all entrants at 11AM

Admission is $20 for adults and includes all four days plus parking. Thunderhill Park is located seven miles west of Interstate 5 on highway 162 just west of Willows.

For more information or advance tickets call Thunderhill at 530-934-5588 Ext 101.



Editor’s Note: A race of this magnitude in sports with international drivers and an impossible race schedule would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to attend yet we in the North Valley can see it all, over four days, for only one $20 adult admission. Imagine that. Why? Because this race event is off the record in that racers can race just to be racing! There are no big sanctioning bodies or other intrusive elements impeding the racers real desire to just race each other. Think Burning Man or Sturgis. These two events grew based on their own merits and not Madison avenue marketing. The 25 Hours of Thunderhill fits this model to a tee and will continue to grow in stature and reputation.  You can see it all, or as much as you want, staring at 11AM on Saturday and concluding on Sunday at noon at Glenn County’s Thunderhill Raceway Park – 5250 hwy 162 in Willows, Ca. 95988. 530-934-5588 Ext 101.  


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