Thunderhill’s 25th Anniversary



David Vodden

As we approach our 25th Anniversary, I am proud of the success that Thunderhill Park has experienced. I thank you for your contribution to that reality. I ask myself all the time, “What did we do that got us to where we are today?” I like to believe that we are doing those things that make you want to come to Thunderhill and come back again! This is not a static process. Things change.

As I think about the next 25 years of Thunderhill, I want to know what makes you come to Thunderhill? I want Thunderhill to continue to be successful, to be what you want and expect it to be when you come through the gates. What can we do to meet or exceed your expectations? What can we do in the next month, year, the next 25 years, that will keep you coming to Thunderhill and bring your friends with you?

Please provide your input. You do make a difference. Together we can assure that Thunderhill Park is here for you, your kids and even your grandkids. Why not? Let me know! Email me at

Thank you for all you do, have done and will do to make Thunderhill the best it can be. You are the reason we are here.

I am listening.

David Vodden

President and CEO – San Francisco Region Properties, Inc. dba Thunderhill Park

Thunderhill Raceway