Upcoming Car Control Clinics At Thunderhill Raceway

“Ideal For Teen Drivers & You” !

About the Clinics

The Thunderhill Raceway Car Control Clinic gives students real-world, hands-on experience behind the wheel of their own cars. Students go through learning and training activities that include:

To participate you must have the following: A signed Learners Permit. Your own street legal, registered and insured car. Trucks, SUVs are allowed. Using the car that the student drives or will be driving in the future is highly recommended. Fee: $129.00 per driver and car.

Thunderhill Raceway offers these Car Control Clinics because it’s our belief that we can make the streets safer for everyone, and at the same time, help save the lives of all drivers.

More teens are killed in auto accidents each year than by any other means. It is our mission to help prevent as many avoidable accidents as possible!

To sign up for our clinics please click on the link below. It will take you to Motorsport Reg where you will need to setup a “free” account. Once that is completed you can register for the event!

Having a great time at the Teen Car Control Clinic!

Having a great time at the Teen Car Control Clinic!