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Thunderhill Raceway is my favorite "Local Track" of the three in our area (Sonoma Raceway and Laguna Seca filling out the trifecta). It's a perfect combination of safe beginner and advanced driving circuit all rolled into one. For newbies there is ample run off space, limited walls and easy to see flag stations; typically the only thing that will be seriously damaged in an "Oh Shit" moment is your pride. For advanced drivers the track provides endless nuance, fast and slow sections, off-camber & blind turns, varying configurations like Turn 5 Cyclone or Bypass and now the new 2 mile track. Facilities are well maintained including a Cafe, Club House, Pro Shop and Fuel Station with high-octane options. There are independent shops on-site as well including an Aim Tire shop. Paddock parking includes two large covered areas and garages for rent. There is also a Skid Pad for rent on-site. Did I mention fast/free wifi that covers the entire paddock?! Two thumbs up to the track workers; especially the Corner Workers...much Love to you Guys and Gals! Spectator events have also discovered our humble Thunderhill with big ones including 25 Hours of Thunderhill and Lemons plus many SCCA events. If you are considering getting into tracking your car at HPDE events, Thunderhill Raceway is an awesome place!

-Jim P.

This is a great track; there are some slow technical corners, some very fast sweepers and two long straights. There are plenty of “run off” spaces so a driving error does not necessary mean a visit to the body shop. The paddock area is well maintained and the restrooms are clean. They have free wifi, air-conditioned meeting rooms, on-site grill and a pro shop. They also sell racing gas (100 octane)!

-Tony L.

“The CLEANEST most well maintained track I have ever visited. The staff was outstanding, friendly. And the food was great too. Can’t wait to go back.”

— Carrie Y.

I visited the West side of the track for our Reno Region's SCCA event and had a great time! The West is technical and not as fast as the east but still a blast to drive on. The instruction was very professional and the event staff was awesome! The track is very smooth since it is nearly new (I think the west was finished last year) and the facilities were well kept. They also had a few RV power hookups if you stay overnight. At the end of the paddock there were some garages that said they were for rent, no prices were posted but that would be great in the middle of summer so you could have some shade. There aren't any carport type shade structures on the west course like there are on the east. A nice option, although expensive, is that there is fuel available at the track if you are in need. They also offer 100 octane racing fuel. The track is very convenient to access from Willows, which has your standard amenities of fast food, motels, gas stations, a couple decent restaurants, and auto parts stores that close early. Come here, have a great time and leave with a huge smile on your face just like I did!!

-Johnny B.

I had the opportunity to work with the Thunderhill crew a couple years back, and I must say, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I have nothing but amazing memories about this place and the employees.

-Anival R.

Thunderhill is a great racetrack that is challenging, safe and fun. It has a little bit of everything- drift pad, high speed and low speed turns, and great pit facilities. The crew at Thunderhill is always cheerful, and keeps the place in great condition.
We take for granted sometimes that in the USA we have a race scene where almost anyone can afford to race on some level. Racing is a privilege that in so many places in the world only the rich can afford. I will continue to test my racecars and race at Thunderhill even if it is a 3-hour drive to get to. I know when I show up the track staff will be professional and kind but still on guard for my safety. Great Crew- especially Turbo in the flag stand at start finish.  

-Taz H.

“Great place to go with friends and race, drift, or watch others. Great environment to be around as well.”

— Devin H.

I often claim this is the best track in America, which upsets a lot of people, but i really do mean it. I have yet to run the full course config but I have ran the east and middle course. Super technical, camber changes, elevation changes, great curbing, and not too many walls, just an overall amazing course. The facilities are suburb as well, garages, bathrooms, 220v hookups (charged my EV there), food (breakfast burrito is pretty good), good paddocks. They can support multiple races at once, have a skid pad, I think they even have a rally cross course? Love the place it’s obviously owned by people who know and love racing.

-Hymae W.

Great staff and professional management of the facility. Safety crews are always on standby, and the main building has clean restrooms and free wifi.... and it’s air-conditioned! The grill is good too, right next to a play area for kids!

-Tomnyuli A.

Amazing place to ride!! The track was amazing, and I loved every second on the track. The 5-mile course is awesome and makes for an exhausting day. The staff freaking rocks, and never talks down to you if situations arise.

-Daniel K.

“I LOVE Thunderhill! I’ve raced all over the western states and this is one of the most complete and well-maintained tracks I’ve been to.”

— Sal M.

I rode my motorcycle on this track at a Pacific Track Time track day it was Amazing Amazing Amazing!!! The PTT instructors were very helpful in taking me (a street rider for years) and showing me how to ride at the racetrack, giving me instructions then following me around the track and giving me further training. By the end of the day I could barely walk from riding so hard, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much in my helmet. It was the best day of riding I've ever ever had!!!

-Mike R.

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"A real gem. Facilities are great and improving all the time."
Travis B.
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