Open Test Days


Upcoming Open Test Days At Thunderhill Raceway

Important Information

August is Motorsports Awareness Month, so we’re doing our part to raise awareness by providing you with a spectacular savings on Open Testing!  These events are open to both Street cars and Race cars!  This is your golden opportunity to test your race car before the next big race, gain valuable seat time, and have yourself a lot of fun in the process.  Normally a pair of 2-mile open test days and a 3-mile open test day registration would run you $850, but we’re offering it to you for $599!  Sign up on motorsportreg today by visiting .  As always for TRP Open Test Days, spectators are free!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 530-934-5588 x105 or

If you want to sign up for these test dates individually click below:

8/9 -

8/16 -

8/23 -

Once you check in at the Pro Shop, a wristband and a sticker will be provided for your windshield or roll bar. The wristband and sticker must be applied before attempting to go out on track. A testing schedule will be provided, and sessions will be announced over the PA system so please listen carefully.

There are no passengers allowed on open test days.

If you are driving a race-prepared car, full race gear is required.

If you are driving a street car (when allowed), closed-toed shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and a helmet are required. Course configurations for open testing days are generally determined by the track being used for the weekend's event. Testing fees, course configuration, and cessions are subject to change.

Previous track experience is suggested to participate.

*Note: If in the opinion of the Track Management an individual is unqualified to operate a vehicle within the facility at any time, or is posing a threat to the wellbeing or safety of others, Track Management reserves the right to remove them from the track and property. 

Please Contact Shannon 530-934-5588 ext. 103 or  for more information!