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Sunoco is the official gasoline supplier at Thunderhill Raceway.

Sunoco Standard 110 leaded, Sunoco SS 100 unleaded, and 91 premium unleaded gasoline are dispensed at our pumps. The product names “Standard” and “SS 100” correspond with the spec sheets available on the Sunoco Website and brochures.

As per California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations the Sunoco Standard 110 leaded is “Legal For Use ONLY In Competition Racing Vehicles. Not Legal For Use In Any Other Motor Vehicle.” 



  • 91 Unleaded: $5.99

  • 100 Unleaded: $9.99

  • 110 Leaded: $9.99


Thunderhill Gasoline

*Note: Please be advised limits at the pump are set by the credit card companies. Thunderhill has no control over these preset limits.


Lucas Oil Products Is The Official Oil Of Thunderhill Raceway

Tire Services are also available upon request.

With a minimum level of service of $150 we will open the tire shop for your event.

We charge $25 per wheel to mount and balance.

We charge $15 per mount only.

Please Contact Jim Thompson at 530-519-2201 or jim@thunderhill.com

Thunderhill Gasoline Station

If you have any questions or comments, call 530-934-5588 or send our team a message. See you at the track!