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Garage Rentals At Thunderhill Make Your Race Weekends Awesome!

We currently have 33 garages at Thunderhill. Escape the weather and have lights and power at night for those special adjustments. Garages can be rented by the day, week or month based on availability. Daily rentals begin at $125 when available, weekends are $250, weekly rental is $300 and a full month can be had for as little as $650.

Update: Available September 1 2018 we will have 4 new garages available. These are part of a new complex we are currently building. These garages are larger than our previous garages and rent for $1300 per month. If you are interested in one of these new garages or office space please contact David Vodden today  at 530-934-5588 ext 101.

At this time we DO have garages available for rent.

Thunderhill Raceway Garage

Please contact Geoff Pitts at 530-934-5588 ext. 105 or at: geoff@thunderhill.com or Terry Taylor at ext. 102 or at: ttaylor@thunderhill.com