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1) Can I camp at Thunderhill?

Camping is typically set up by the track day provider or club. Please contact them to find out if they will be providing camping for their event.

When camping is provided, you will have access to the paddock between 5:30 pm and 12:00 midnight.

Always be courteous to your neighbors and keep the noise down to a minimum. There is absolutely no track access by motorized vehicles after the track goes cold for the day.

2) Is Fuel Available At Thunderhill?

Yes! Fuel is always available at Thunderhill. The gas pumps are located in the south paddock area near the front gates. Credit cards are accepted 24 hours a day.

110 leaded race fuel is only accessible between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

3) Can anyone rent the track and put on an event?

Yes! Anyone over 18 years of age may rent the track privately. Just give us a call at 530-934-5588 ext.103 and we will help you bring your motorsports dreams to life!

4) Are dogs allowed at Thunderhill?

Yes! We love dogs too. However they must be leashed at all times. Animals are not allowed in any buildings at Thunderhill unless it is a certified service dog.

If you have an aggressive dog, please do everyone a favor and leave Fido at home. Dog attacks are very serious and we do not want your dog injuring a person or another pet. Failure to follow these pet rules will result in you and your pet being asked to leave the property.

5) Are there restrooms and showers at Thunderhill?

Yes there are real restrooms and showers at Thunderhill Raceway. The are located near the center of the paddock on both the East and West paddocks.

6) Are there garages available for rent at Thunderhill?

Yes there are garages available for rent. Please contact Ray Mudd at 530-934-5588 ext 105 or Terry Taylor at 530-934-5588 ext 102 for more information.

7) Is there a gate fee at Thunderhill?

Generally speaking there is no gate fee to come to Thunderhill and watch the events. There are some clubs who do charge a gate fee. Clubs are NASA, AFM typically charge $15 to get through the gate. It is always best to call before arriving. For more info contact us at 530-934-5588 ext 100.

8) Are there RV hookups at Thunderhill?

We offer electrical hookups only at Thunderhill. No water or sewer hookups are provided. Generally speaking the club who has rented the track pays for the electrical hookups for their participants. Paddock space and electrical hookups are on a first come first served basis.

9) Does Thunderhill accommodate electric vehicles?

Yes we offer electrical hookups at Thunderhill that many EV's can connected to. We have a limited number of NEMA14-50 outlets drivers can plug into. You will however need to bring your own charger/EVSE. We would love someone or some company to sponsor a charging station. If you know anyone who might be interested in helping us with this project please let us know!