Latest News from Thunderhill

Latest News from Thunderhill

July 2022

Make Sure You Get Track Rentals in 2023

GET ON THE LIST of renters at Thunderhill Park for November and December 2022 in order to have precedence for track rental dates in 2023 when Laguna Seca shuts down for major modifications to their track. If you did not know, Laguna Seca officials have confirmed that their track will be closed for as long as six months starting this November in order to make repairs and improvements. If you want a track rental date during this period Thunderhill Park may be your best choice. Think about it and call now so that we know what you want and when.

Thunderhill Park is fortunate to have a host of loyal, regular customers who help fill our calendar. Some of these customers also rent Laguna Seca. If you are not on our customer list and want to be able to test, put on a club activity, or host a press event, please note that we have two road courses, two skid pads and a dirt area out front for events such as Rally Cross. For us to plan better for all of our customers the sooner you make your needs known to us the better chance you have of joining our family of loyal Thunderhill Park customers. Call now.530-934-5588 Ext 101 or 103.

Want More Track Time?

There are a lot of new clubs on the block when it comes to track events. If you want to get some track time and you cannot find a date or event that fits your schedule, consider SpeedSF ,On Grid, Turn 8, or Corsa Club for an outing that you’ll never forget. These organizations offer track time for you when Hooked on Driving, Track Masters, and Northern California Racing Club do not match your needs. You can also get track time with Porsche Club, Shelby Club, or Lotus Club, if your addiction toon track adrenalin is extreme. Use Google to investigate and make sure all of your open track experiences occur at the Thrill of the Hill, Thunderhill Parkin Willows.

We also have the same opportunities for you two-wheel enthusiasts in the form of Carters at the Track, Pacific Track Time, Z-3 Motorcycles, Fun Track Days and several more. There is always something happening at Thunderhill Park so check our  calendar to learn more:

Support Thunderhill through the Friends of Thunderhill Foundation

If you support various special activities with your donation, please consider the Thunderhill Park, “Friends of Thunderhill” Foundation. This separate entity has been staging Teen Car Control Clinics since its inception providing life-saving skills to young drivers. The Friends of Thunderhill is engaged in making that which you are passionate about safer, more secure in the market place and better for all. The purpose of the Foundation is to make the track, the community and the world of motorsports a great place for you and all who follow you into some form of motorsports. With a strong foundation as a result of your donation, we can be assured that you will always have a place to play in a world that makes race track facility survival difficult to assure over the long, long term. Thank you in advance for your donation. Send to P O Box 966 Willows, Ca. 95988 made out to the Friends of Thunderhill. Friends of Thunderhill is a 501 c3 Charitable foundation registered in the State of California. Cc#4297234